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Eva Sotriffer (Bolzano/Italy) is performing as a puppeteer since 2009.
She approached to puppetry after universitary studies of philosophy (Université de Vienne/A and Montpellier/F,  master 1995), different experiences in the world of  theatre (1995 – 2003, street-theatre: Montpellier/Toulouse,  costume design and fabrication: Atelier Costumessa - Lyon, Atelier Nicolao – Venise, Teatro Stabile di Bolzano and others) and a two-year puppeteer-class in Austria/Tyrol (2006 – 2009) consisting in a series of stages with different masters. 
Since the beginning of her work she focusses on non-verbal expression exploiting images, rhythm and sounds, exploring also the potential of traditional techniques.
Since 2010 she is collaborating with the musician Max Castlunger ( www.maxcastlunger.com ) and they created six shows together:
    - „Fobi“ ( Premiere 2011, direction: Christian Mair)
    - „Mäh!“ (Premiere 2012, final direction: Eva Kaufmann, Berlin)
    - „Dracula“ (Premiere 2013)
    - „Lilo au parc“ (Premiere 2014, text:  Birgit Unterholzner)
    - „Spheres“ (Premiere 2016)
    - „Dreaming Ötzi“ (Premiere 2016, dramaturgical consultant: Eva Kaufmann)  
Solo programs:
   - "The travelling princess" (2010, direction: Bernd Lang)
   - "Spheres" (solo-version, 2015)
   - "Take it!" (2017, almost traditional handpuppets)

Festival participation:

- Momoti International Puppet Festival Monserrato/Cagliari (2013)
- Festival Incanti Torino, Cantiere Off (2013)
- Festival IF-Off Milano (2013)
- Sottodiciotto Filmfestival Torino (2013)
- Family-Festival Bozen, Kinderfestival Bozen (2012, 2013, 2015)
- Artfestival Kränzelhof Tscherms (I, 2012)
- Kunterbuntes Kleinkunstfestival Kassianeum Brixen (2013,2015, 2017)

- Figurentheatertage Innsbruck/Schwaz (2010, 2011, 2014, 2016)
- Figurentheatertage Wels (2010)
- Figurentheatertage Fantasima Lienz (2010, 2014, 2017, 2018)
- Internationales Figurentheaterfestival PannOpticum, Neusiedel am See (2016)
- Internationale Figurentheatertage im Möp, Mödling (2017)

- Pole-Poppenspälertage Husum (2012, 2014, 2017, 2018)
- Schaubudensommer in der Scheune Dresden (2014)
- Internationales Kasperfestival Hohnstein (2014)
- Festival mit Hand und Fuß, Theater der Nacht Northeim (2015)
- Wandertheaterfestival Radebeul (2015)
- Internationales Straßentheaterfestival mit Puppen, Pforzheim (July 2015)
- Festival im Elbe-Elsterland (2015)
- Straßentheaterfestival mit Figuren Bella Figura Ravensburg (2017)

- International Trakya Puppet Festival Lüleburgaz/Türkei (2013)
- International Istanbul Puppet Festival (2014)
- Ataşehir International Puppet Festival (2017)

- Festival Internazionale di Teatro di Figura „Il castello incantato“, Locarno (2016)

- Floating Castle Festival Grad Snežnik (2016, 2017,  2018)
- Kavc Festival Ljubljana (2017)
- Emonska Promenada Ljubljana (2017)
- Summer Puppet Pier Maribor (2017)

- Festival International Théâtre Jeune Public, Taza (2018)

- Pegasus Family Festival, Hög (2018)

- Premio Cantiere Off Incanti Torino 2013
- Premio sezione adulti IF-Off Milano 2013
- 25 Golden Stars, children's Jury Maribor 2017

Recent creation:

Dreaming Ötzi
A non-verbal puppet & music performance

Concept, puppets, props and play: Eva Sotriffer
Live-Music: Max Castlunger
Dramaturgical consultant: Eva Kaufmann
In cooperation with the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology

What happens if you have a close and accurate look at a prehistorical mummy? You start to evoke his possible former appearance, scenes of his life and origin. Indeed, more than 5000 years ago, he was a human being just like you and me – looking for warmth, food, friends and probably trying to found a family. By our simple means of puppetry and music a prehistoric setting comes alive and appears in front of our eyes. Stones begin to chime, Ötzi himself starts to dream and experience exciting and touching moments.
Our puppets, objetcs as well as musical instruments are mainly made of the materials used during the neolithic period: wood, stone, fur, leather, bones and some copper. The play tries to cover up and to breathe life into trifle stories concealed behind the mummy and his belongings.
This artistic approach may encourage spectators to become active dreamers speculating about former realities. When performed in a museum, child and adult visitors will walk through the exhibition with new perspectives.

Suitable for all ages 4+
Premiere: 22 May 2016, International Museum Day at the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology

Fotos: © Südtiroler Archäologiemuseum/FlipFlop Collective/Andreas Tauber

Technical requirements:
Darkened room
Black (darkened) backdrop, darkened stage area
Minimum stage area dimensions: 4 (width) x 3 (depth) x 2,20 (height)  m
Connection for power supply (220V) for lights
Maximum audience capacity: 60 persons
Set up time: 90 minutes
Duration: approximately 30 minutes

Dismantling time: 45 minutes

Take it!

A non-verbal hand-puppet performance

In the puppeteers garden puppets don't miss anything - they dance, sing, play and laugh as they like. There is only one thing they can't and mustn't do: move out of this garden trying to reach one of the forbidden fruits. But once ...

It's an almost non-verbal and almost traditional handpuppet-performance freely inspired by Pulcinella and his will of life, adaptable to many different performing circumstances

For all ages, 5+

Puppeteer & musician: Eva Sotriffer
Puppets: PulcinellA (Burgele), man (Theo), snake, death
Director: Eva Sotriffer
Music: Eva Sotriffer/Samir Amato

duration: approx. 30 min.

Technical rider:

Preparation time: 40 Min.
Dismantling time: 30 Min.
Space required: 2x2 m, flat ground, minimum height: 2,40 m
Preferably no gradient ties
Black backdrop or neutral back (wall, trees,... )
Maximum audience capacity: 80 person

Light: Basic lights

Sound: Usually performed acustically. In some outdoor circumstances sound amplification could be necessary (one microphone on a tripod)

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